Quinquagesima, 2017
Rev. Benjamin Tyler Holt
Luke 18:31-43

All of Luke chapter eighteen is a discussion of faith. (It will be helpful for you to follow along in your Bible as we go.)

So, we should understand today’s Gospel lesson in light of what Jesus has already said and done.


Septuagesima, 2017
Matthew 20:1-16
Rev. Benjamin Tyler Holt

Do you believe you get what you deserve?

Concluding the parable in today’s Gospel lesson, Jesus says: “The last will be first, and the first last” (Matthew 20:16).

We’re not shocked when Jesus says this, but we should be.

He just taught a parable that everyone understands, but the characters in the parable that we identify with are the villains.

When have you seen someone do less work than you, contribute to a project less than you, show up less than you, and care less than you—when have you seen someone do that and get paid the same as you—and you not cry foul?

Jesus describes a situation that is completely unfair.

We should be shocked.


The Transfiguration of our Lord, 2017
Matthew 17:1-9
Rev. Benjamin Tyler Holt

How would you define suffering?

How would you define glory?

I’m not sure if there are two words that are as different as those. No matter your definition of suffering, your definition of glory is the exact opposite.

And yet, for St. Matthew, author of the first account of the Gospel, author of today’s Gospel lesson, Jesus’ suffering and glory are to be seen as two sides to the same coin.